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Security Vigilance While Working From Home

Hacker behind a laptop

Working from home can create security risks in normal situations, but that’s especially true in our current environment. Just the change in routine from the office to home can create openings for hackers because users may become complacent in the comforts of home.

Phishing emails are a big security concern. Phishing remains the leading cause of data breaches and intrusions on company networks. Now, more than ever, everyone needs to stay suspicious of emails asking for credentials or even unexpected emails from people you know that contain links or attachments.

  • Keep an eye on your laptop. If you’re using a laptop, make sure it is password-protected, locked, and secure. Never leave it unattended in a vehicle or at a public charging station.
  • Securely store sensitive files. When you have a legitimate need to transfer confidential information from office to home, keep it out of sight and under lock and key. If you don't have a file cabinet at home, use a locked room.
  • Dispose of sensitive data securely. You should not throw paperwork in the trash or recycling bin. Shred-it. Discarded paperwork with customer or employee information is a treasure to an identity thief.
  • Follow your employer's security practices. Your home is now an extension of your office. You should follow the protocols your employer has implemented.

Finally, given the social-engineering aspect of most attacks, make sure to stay educated in regard to the current COVID-19 situation using known, reliable sources. Most hackers of the world will use the pandemic as an open door to attack or otherwise trick people into sharing sensitive information. The more vigilant you stay, the safer your sensitive data will be in this electronic world.

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