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How many tools should be in your Cybersecurity Toolbox?

How many tools should be in your cybersecurity toolbox?

An exciting trend I have been experiencing as we all learn to live with the “new normal” has been an increased awareness and willingness to discuss cybersecurity needs from our clients.

There are many responses when I ask clients to review and consider adding resources to help them be more secure within their technology tools. The client responses I hear consistently are:

  • “I’m actually hoping to save money on my IT spend."
  • “What are the chances something actually happens to me?”
  • “Why would hackers target my business? Don’t they usually focus on larger companies?”
  • “Isn’t what we are doing today enough?”

Like most things in life, change occurs when people become educated or afraid. We see examples of this every day when we watch the news. The reality of our current situation is that bad actors out there have seen an opportunity to take advantage of companies and individuals who have transitioned to working remotely. Our team has seen a dramatic increase in Phishing and Hacking attempts as well as malware intrusions creating concern and, in some cases, causing panic within business leaders worried about the possible issues acts like this can create.

Our approach to being more cyber secure is a simple one, create layers of protection using tested and proven tools that will increase your overall network security. One of these tools being a Cyber Security awareness training program to inform your employees of their role in keeping bad actors away from your sensitive data, which can create significant issues with downtime, loss of data, and potential for financial exposure. While there is no "cure-all" for security concerns, a focused plan with proven tools is the best approach to building a more resilient IT network and having focused and alert "Human Firewalls" within their organization.

If your current IT provider is not offering you advice to help guide your business through these challenging times, allow Omni Strategic Technologies to prove why we are the right technology partner to trust. Call us today! 304-242-7600

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