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Are your backups good enough?

harddrive chopped in half

What would you do in the event that your organization's systems were compromised and you found yourself face-to-face with ransomware — the dreaded virus that encrypts your system's data and threatens permanent deletion if not given a handsome sum of your hard-earned cash?

If you're thinking that your IT provider might identify how the attack happened, batten the hatches, and restore all your data, you might be right.... though we've found that the success of this strategy can be more nuanced if your backup strategy is incomplete.

Even when using RAID (a technology which makes multiple copies of a hard drive), there's no guarantee that data can be recovered if multiple drives fail. Even off-premises physical backups are at risk when floods and fires strike. A properly configured cloud-backup solution is ideal for even the most disasterous events.

Todd Morrison, Omni Client Services Manager

There's clearly a cost associated with recovering from a malicious attack, but new research from the Ponemon Institute indicates that nearly a quarter of all data loss incidents are simply due to human error. The cost of incomplete backups aren't only realized when a loss occurs — regulated organizations with stringent audit requirements are at risk as well.

We're finding that new customers in the financial and legal fields are surprised to discover that their emails aren't being archived and stored in their backups. When audits or litigation events arise, businesses may find that they're left empty-handed. A solution like Barracuda's Message Archiver can ensure that you retain each message for as long as required.

Chip Calissie, Director of Business Development

Backups: Areas of Concern

Individual file restoration

Being able to restore lost files can be a real productivity saver. Accidental file deletions happen frequently and with our backup and recovery solutions, you can restore files as old as 90 days. Never worry about having to manually re-create lost data over the weekend again!

Disk-level backup and recovery

In the event that your physical hard-drive fails you may find yourself without both your files and a working computer. Our support teams can often recover and repair drive failures in the same business day. Our goal is to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Disaster-proof data

Floods, fires, and lightning strikes do happen, and at times they might even strike your backup facilities. Preparing for these once-in-a-blue-moon events is critical to the long-term success of your IT operations. Cloud backup solutions have made this more cost-effective and attainable to businesses of all sizes than ever before. Even if a large-scale disaster strikes your local physical backups, copies are kept in other data-centers around the world!

Efficiency & Disruption to Business Operations

Our backup solutions silently work behind the scenes to protect and maintain the integrity of your data. A one-time configuration across your network is all it takes to improve your current backup environment, while a one-time configuration for quickly protects new hardware.

We're Here to Serve

Effective backups are one area of your business where you may not be able to afford to cut corners. A third-party audit of your backup systems is a wise use of IT budget and can help stakeholders sleep a little more soundly at night.

If you have questions about the effectiveness of your backup systems, give us a ring. We've helped organizations recover data in the worst situations and would be thrilled to ensure that you can get back to business once the unthinkable happens.

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