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Three Ways to Use Inbound Marketing to Build Community

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Thu, Sep 29, 2016 @ 05:08 PM

Social media provides an incredible opportunity to connect with your customers like never before. Using a strategic inbound marketing plan to build your social media presence, you can create an engaging online environment for new, old, and prospective customers.

The purpose of social media is engagement; creating a dialogue between people. Effective social media will grow your online community and provide the opportunity for greater interaction. Social media accounts, when managed properly, provide frequent entry points for new customers and engage current customers regularly.

Here are three ways to use inbound social media marketing to build community:

1. Consistent Content

Properly managed social media accounts provide consistent and predictable content that meets the customers' needs. When customers can predict the posting schedule of your social media account, it creates a rhythm where they know when to return for new content.



Think about your social media accounts like a TV station: you're far more likely to return to a particular station if you know when they will be playing something you want to watch. Similarly, your customers will routinely return to your social media accounts if they can predict when new content will arrive.


This consistent flow of content leads to a consistent flow of traffic to your account. When there are surges of traffic, it becomes more likely that there will be greater interaction; This convergence of customers on your site creates community among your customers.

Think of each new piece of content as a new opportunity for a visitor to connect with your social media account. This is why it's crucial that you have a steady stream of high-quality content which accurately represents your organization.


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2. Crafted to Connect

To build an online community, you also want to make sure that your site structure is such that it helps visitors connect with your site. Proper social media management can help design your sites from top to bottom to make it as easy as possible for visitors to like, follow, or subscribe to your social media account.  



To build an online community, it is vital that you optimize your site with the goals of converting visitors into followers and (eventually) into customers. Make sure every call-to-action, message, and piece of content aims to achieve this goal. 


 When your target viewer visits one of your sites, they should know immediately the value you offer, and how they can connect with your organization.


3. Optimized for Interaction

Finally, proper social media management helps you to craft your content to turn your followers into participants.


An active online community requires that the followers engage with one another. By crafting each post with interaction in mind, you can turn a casual update into a lively discussion.


Likewise, when you create useful content in a sharable fashion, you help your customers expand your community on their social media accounts.

When you fully understand how to use social media to build a community, you unlock the incredible potential to spread your company's message.

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