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Secret Recipe for a High Converting Landing Page [With Examples]

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Tue, Jul 25, 2017 @ 04:08 PM

How do you convert those website visitors into repeat customers and raving fans? The key lies in a compelling landing page. Below we reveal a foolproof recipe for a high converting landing page that will have your visitors screaming "Take my money!"

Step 1: Start with a generous heap of "What it is"

A solid explanation outlining the full details of your offer is the first thing you want to display to the customer.  Let them know exactly what they are getting.  Give them enough information so that they can decide if your offer is truly for them.

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Step 2: Add a splash of "What's in It For Me?"

Spell out in for detail what benefit they will receive from your offer. What problem will it solve for them? What pleasure will your offer bring to them? Will it make their life easier in any way? Outlining this for them helps them to determine if it is truly worth spending their time or money. 


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Step 3: Stir in a little "Proof That It Works"

Next focus on testimonials. Testimonials go a long way towards providing proof that your product or service works. In addition, it makes the product seem more real because they can see how others have interacted with your product and the results they have received from.

Step 4: Top it off with a hint of "Now What?"

Now it's time to invite them to take an action. Your form should breifly explain how to take advantage of your offer. Make sure that your call to action is clear, visible, and easy to perform. It should also be a single action which results in a single decision point for them. This helps to ensure that they don't get distracted and that they stay on the path towards taking the desired action.

Final tips: Keep your landing page simple. Take care of steps 1-4 in as few words as possible, and make sure your form isn't asking for more than the value of your offer.

Launch, test, repeat! Good luck!


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