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7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Business [Infographic]

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Mon, Mar 06, 2017 @ 01:58 PM


Social media is now essential for connecting with your potential and existing customers. Getting the most out of your social media strategy for your business, however, takes a certain amount of research and consistent effort. You really want to get to the point where your social media strategy is a science, as opposed to guesswork. Here are some guidelines to help you accomplish this.

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01. Identify your Goals

  • Identify your goals. Do you want to use social media to get publicity for your brand, sell products, build your mailing list, or provide customers support? 

02. Choose Platforms

  • Identify which social media platforms are best for your needs. If you try to use every single site, your efforts will be scattered. What is the demographic of your audience? Do they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social sites? Focus on the platforms where you'll reap the greatest benefits. 


03. Create Your Budget

  • Create a budget for social media marketing. Decide who is responsible for carrying out your campaigns. It's more efficient to have one person or team specializing in social media rather than letting everyone pitch in at random times. 

04. Develop Engagement Plan

  • Develop a plan to engage with your audience. This includes assigning tasks to team members and coming up with a schedule for posting on various sites.  

05. Research Tools and Services

  • Research tools and services that will help you make your social media campaigns more effective and efficient. Keep your goals in mind when doing this. You don't want to pay for services that aren't in line with your objectives. 

06. Test. Test. Test.

  • Test your results. Analytics are necessary to let you know how your campaigns are performing. Start with the analytics tools provided by the services themselves, such as Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. You may also want to use additional tools to give you more information.  

07. Analyze and Improve

  • Change your approach as needed. Don't get attached to any one social media site or tactic. Only stick with what is working. If you test a certain strategy and it isn't working, try something different. 

30 point checklist for launching your next campaign free download