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Security and Compliance Weekly Roundup - Dec 5, 2016

Posted by Jim Whitecotton on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 10:12 AM
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Welcome to this week's Security and Compliance Weekly Roundup. 

This is a weekly series of posts highlighting some of the most read or interesting security and compliance news stories as well as those that peaked the interest of the staff here at Omni in the past week.

Sophos 7 Deadly IT Sins48%of Organizations Have Suffered RansomwareAttacks in Past Year

Almost half of cybersecurity decision makers polled for a Vanson Bourne survey sponsored by SentinelOne said their organizations had been hit by at least one ransomware attack in the last 12 months, with the average victim hit six times.

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Data Breach Predictions for 2017

Data Breach has finally become an "industry". The Experian® Data Breach Resolution from the global information services company, Experian, predicts the major trends in the data breach industry for 2017. This is their fourth edition.

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Tech support scams evolve, borrow tricks from ransomware creators

If cold calling, fake alerts, and screen lockers aren't enough, potential victims now face a new threat born from ransomware.

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Data Breaches Expose 34 Million Records to Date; Army Wants to Be Hacked

The U.S. Department of Defense launched a “white hat” hacking program to test the security of its public websites. The DoD also launched a new program, called “Hack the Army,” that follows a similar program launched last April called “Hack the Pentagon” that allowed about 1,400 Pentagon-approved hackers to test the security of five DoD websites for security vulnerabilities.

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“Vindows” Ransomware Uses Fake Microsoft Support Engineers to Steal Your Money

Security company Malwarebytes warns of a new series of ransomware attacks that are trying to connect victims with fake Microsoft support engineers who are trying to steal their personal details and money.

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More than 50 Percent of Users Got Hacked in the Last 12 Months - Study

A recent research conducted by TeleSign in the United States and involving 1,300 adults reveals that no less than 51 percent of consumers suffered some kind of security incident in the last 12 months, including here a stolen password or a personal account breached by hackers.

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Sagewood retirement community attacked with ransomware

Sagewood, a retirement community in Phoenix, AZ, has notified 800 current and former residents about a ransomware attack that has potentially resulted in some of their electronic protected health information (ePHI) being accessed by the attackers.

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Optumhealth new mexico announces 2000-record data breach

OptumHealth New Mexico has notified 2,006 patients of a privacy breach that was caused by one of its vendors. The vendor had downloaded some electronic protected health information to a flash drive, which was then sent to an undisclosed recipient by mail using the U.S. Postal Service. The flash drive did not arrive at its destination.

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