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Security and Compliance Weekly Roundup - Nov 22, 2016

Posted by Jim Whitecotton on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 08:59 AM
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Welcome to this week's Security and Compliance Weekly Roundup. 

This weekly series of posts highlighting some of the most read or interesting security and compliance news stories. The following are stories that peaked the interest of those of us here at Omni in the past week.

66% of organizations won't recover after cyberattack, study says

A recent study performed by IBM's Resilient and the Ponemon Institute found that 66% of organizations would be unable to recover from a cyberattack.

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Regulate cybersecurity or expect a disaster, experts warn Congress

The U.S. government must demand that all internet-connected devices have built-in security, according to experts who warned Congress that the country could soon face a disastrous, lethal cyberattack.

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This malware attack starts with a fake customer-service call

A notorious cybercriminal gang is tricking businesses into installing malware by calling their customer services representatives and convincing them to open malicious email attachments.

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Ransomware piggybacks on free software downloads

A ransomware sample is piggybacking off of free software downloaded from the internet to encrypt the files of unsuspecting users.

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Microsoft Pledges to Completely Retire Office 2007 Next Year

Microsoft will remove support for Office 2007 next year and without a doubt, many users and companies will be caught off-guard because this is pretty much what happens every time when the software giant pulls support for one of its products.

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Stolen passwords integrated into the ultimate dictionary attack

TheRegister, 15 Nov 2016: Targeted password guessing turns out to be significantly easier than it should be, thanks to the online availability of personal information, leaked passwords associated with other accounts, and our tendency to incorporate personal data into our security codes.

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Fake executive social media accounts threaten enterprises

New research has uncovered numerous duplicative Twitter and LinkedIn accounts among Fortune 500 leaders, raising concerns about potential security vulnerabilities.

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