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Omni's Security Advisory: Week of Oct. 28th 2016

Posted by Jim Whitecotton on Wed, Nov 02, 2016 @ 01:03 PM
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This is the first of a new series of posts highlighting some of the most read or interesting security and compliance news stories related to current events. The following are stories that peaked the interest of those of us here at Omni in the past week.

 Cyberattacks steadily growing in intensity, scope

CBS News, 24 Oct 2016: Could millions of connected cameras, thermostats and kids’ toys bring the internet to its knees?

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Why it was so easy to hack the cameras that took down the web

C/Net, 24 Oct 2016: If you were anywhere near the internet in the US on Friday 10/21, you probably noticed a bunch of your favorite websites were down for much of the day.

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After Friday’s attack, XiongMai recalls millions of devices that use its tech

 Yahoo, 24 Oct 2016: Internet-connected devices that use XiongMai's components will be recalled in the wake of Friday's massive DDoS attack.

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Microsoft: Beware this fake Windows BSOD from tech support scammers' malware

ZD Net, Oct 24, 2016: Microsoft has sounded the alarm over a fake installer for its Security Essentials, which attempts to trick victims into contacting bogus help centers.

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Security Firm Tries Desperate Solution to Alert Company of Data Leak

Softpedia, 25 Oct 2016: You know your tech support service stinks when a security firm needs to ask the general public for help just to get in contact with one of your webmasters.

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Spear-Phishing Incident Causes Havoc at San Francisco Exploratorium Museum

Softpedia, 25 Oct 2016: One careless employee is all it takes to take down a company, as a recent incident report from the Exploratorium Museum reveals.

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Nearly half of consumers have been cybercrime victims

Heise Security, 28 Oct 2016: 45% of consumers have been a victim of some form of cybercrime — with 65% choosing not to report the incident to authorities.

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