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Top 3 Multi-channel Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Wed, Dec 21, 2016 @ 02:18 PM

You've heard it a million times, the internet is key to successful marketing today. Though we are fully aware, we can still often neglect some of the best opportunities to market our business. Keeping on top of this is a heavy task for anyone, though. 

Any corner you look to on the internet, there is a new business blowing up, smashing all competition in its path, while simultaneously allowing for the growth of others. With all of these crazy booms, here's a few to jump on board with today and make the most of. 

1. Social Media

I know, another cliche marketing method, but ignoring the potential impact of it is a major mistake. There are businesses growing today strictly because of their strong social media presence. Don't overlook this one; take advantage of it, and jump aboard the train. It's the only way to maximize your marketing potential.

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2. Content Partnerships

Now depending on your type of business and tone, this could be either a very simple or a somewhat complicated task. The reason it should be considered is because of its potential to be so simple and yet so beneficial. This is one we tend to toss to the wayside due to an underestimation of impact.

Partnering with someone to share each other's content brings your content to a new crowd and helps to build trust with a brand new audience. When their audience sees that their business likes and trusts your content, they will immediately take an interest in your content and begin to trust your business. There's an undeniable magic to it, and your exposure has the potential to go through the roof. 

3. Target Audience Detection

We all know identifying your audience is key to successful multi-channel marketing, but this process typically stops with sending an email or partnering with someone within that target audience. There's a lot of neglected power here. With targeting your audience you have the potential to a find a location they are likely to visit. Once you learn the locations of your audience, you can advertise in these locations and on these websites to create the greatest impact. 

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