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Mobile Optimization: Why You Should Revamp Your Digital Marketing Plan

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Tue, May 30, 2017 @ 09:28 AM

A revolution has taken place. In November of 2015, Google announced that over 50% of internet searches were now being performed on smart phones versus desktop and laptop computers. That percentage is increasing every day. More and more, consumers are using their phones for everything from banking, finding a good restaurant, shopping, to accessing healthcare.

However, by the end of 2016, Monetate reported that online sales conversion rates for phone users lagged traditional computer users, 1.55% versus 4.14% respectively. 

Obviously, there is a problem. Consumers are looking, but unable to find what they need. Perhaps small businesses, especially those without a dedicated marketing staff, do not have up-to-date websites that function with adaptive navigation tools. These tools automatically adapt the content to fit the viewer's device.  

Is your business website losing prospects on mobile phones?

Try it out. Use your mobile phone to test your own business website.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • How long does it take to pull it up onto the screen; does it load in 3 seconds or less?
  • Is it easy to read, or do you have to squint to decipher some of the language?
  • Are your customers able to get around the web site and find what they need, or are some of the buttons too small to hit with your finger?
  • Do you have a prominent search function?

If your business’s online presence falters with phone use, then it’s time to make some changes. It is time that you revamp your business’s digital marketing plan to include mobile optimization.


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Here are some tips for mobile optimization:

Keep it simple. Large pictures, detailed graphics, embedded music and video look great on a computer screen, but they can cause your web site to load at a painfully slow pace on a phone. Customers who cannot easily and quickly (in three seconds or less) access your information will just bounce to the next search result.

Make it scroll. Think about the things you like to read on your phone. If you are like most people, you move through pages with a flick of your thumb or finger.

Edit and format text so it works on the small screen. Be sure to stay away from PDF files, since they generally take extra adjustment to fit the screen. 

Help users navigate. Make sure every page displays a navigation bar so users can move around easily and find the information they want. Offer a search function to help users get to where they want to go more quickly.  

Consider having an app. If your company relies on repeat online orders, then you may want to consider having a phone app coded that your customers can download. Apps are great for e-commerce, banking, and other companies that offer a customer online portal.

Technology is always changing. With the right information and tools, your business can adapt and grow to meet all the challenges those changes bring. If you need help developing a good mobile optimization plan - consider speaking to a business consultant with technology and web development experience to help guide you through the process.

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