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How to Tell If Your Outdated Website is Impacting Your Bottomline

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Wed, Feb 15, 2017 @ 01:36 PM

Businesses today need a company website to compete and survive. Customers rely heavily on search engines such as Google to determine which business will receive their patronage.

Without a company website, you lose customers; the same is true if your website is outdated.

Why Businesses Need to Continuously Redesign Their Websites

There are several reasons why your website needs to stay current. The simple answer is that technology is constantly changing. Redesigning your website keeps your business secure and relevant, and it allows you to continually adapt to the changing ways of the internet.

However, it goes much deeper than just the technological aspect.

Redesigning your website every year or two years shows customers that you care about them and ultimately helps improve your brand. Your website acts as your main avenue for establishing credibility and building trust with your visitors. Outdated websites are a huge turn off for potential customers.

Location. Location. Location.  

Attention. Attention. Attention.

Online, your biggest competitor is only a 5-second click away. The ultimate key to success is getting and keeping your prospects’ attention.

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Think of your website like a food court. There may be 5-20 restaurants all fighting for the same hungry customers. (On the internet there are hundreds of businesses offering the same things you are!)

Customers do not want to eat at a restaurant that has paint chipping off the walls and dirty floors. They are much more likely to eat at the well-lit, clean, and freshly remodeled restaurant right next door. Even your once loyal customers can easily be swayed by your competitors if they appear more attractive or trustworthy.

When to Redesign 

The general rule of how often you should completely redesign your website is every two years. Some businesses should do it more often than that.


Here are a few things you should look for when considering a website redesign. 

check-box.png Customers say it is difficult to navigate

check-box.png It contains broken or invalid links.

check-box.png The layout is boring or outdated.

check-box.png You want to reposition your brand.

check-box.png You see a decline in customer engagement, lead generation, or sales.

check-box.png Your website isn’t mobile responsive.

check-box.png Your website doesn’t load quickly.

Keeping your website current and interesting is vital to improving your bottomline. To learn more about redesigning your business website, or if you would like us to take a look at your current website, get in touch!