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In-House Marketer or Agency? 5 Smart Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Team

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Tue, Jun 06, 2017 @ 10:48 AM

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing. What works today may or may not work tomorrow. Keeping up with the trends is essential for reaching today’s consumer and remaining current in your industry. Most companies understand the importance of digital marketing but don't know how to go about getting it done efficiently.

The question is, should you invest in training for an in-house marketing team or should you hire a digital marketing agency with a proven record to accelerate your success?

Here are five smart reasons why the latter will show to be more beneficial to your long-term growth. 

#1 Leverage Skill Versatility and Unbiased Perspectives

Investing your resources in a marketing agency allows you to tap into the expertise of an external team of professionals who excel in this space. Not only will they be able to offer an unbiased perspective on where your business currently stands, but they’ll also help you create predictable, effective marketing systems that generate and nurture leads. 

Instead of relying on a "Jack of all trades," you will gain a team of professionals with different backgrounds in business strategy, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO.

That means less time spent on researching and implementing tasks and more time spent on reaping the benefits of your marketing efforts.

#2 Create a Winning Social Media Strategy that Fosters Engagement

Did you know that one-third of millenials prefer to communicate with brands on social media than other sources? That's why you must maintain an active business page on the major social networks and provide genuine channels for you to relate to and communicate with your potential customers.

By hiring a digital marketing agency, all guesswork is taken out of creating a social media strategy that will effectively engage and connect with your target audience.

You see, each social network has its own rules, culture, best posting times, and ways to engage its audiences. The good news is, you don’t have to take the time discovering which tactics work best on each site. Your digital marketing team will have a clear plan to begin increasing awareness about your brand or new products.

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#3 Stop Bleeding Time on Marketing Efforts that Never Get Implemented

By hiring a team of experts, you’ll dramatically cut down on time spent towards marketing (allowing you to focus on what you do best in your business.) Many businesses leave marketing to be done in their "free-time." (Let's all take a moment to laugh out loud...) 

I hear the same story from clients. We sit down and have a great conversation about things they are already doing to try to expand their business's reach... only to find out 2 months later that all of the projects they had been working on just fizzled out and got lost in the never-ending cycle of other things that needed to be done first. 

Outsourcing some of your tasks to the experts helps you and your team to become much more efficient. Hiring a digital marketing team not only ensures that you will stop wasting time on marketing efforts that never get completed, but you’ll finally be able to maintain momentum on critical projects and make huge gains in achieving company goals.


#4 Develop a Killer Content Strategy that Positions You as an Expert

Inbound marketing is all about publishing valuable content that solves problems and educates your target audience. Blogging is a strong platform to positioning your brand as an expert and authority in the industry. By honing a regular blogging cadence, you’ll boost brand visibility in search and gain trust with your audience.

Your agency will develop a blogging strategy that effectively gets you in front of your target audience and builds credibility. They’ll work to fully understand the needs of your market so you produce content that resonates, offers value, and moves viewers to action.


#5 Hire a Digital Marketing Team to Transform Your Results

The final benefit you gain from hiring a marketing agency are the results you receive from employing professional and fool-proof marketing strategies. Significant goals like driving ongoing traffic to your blog site, increasing social media followers, capturing fresh leads, and converting prospects into sales through email nurturing can easily be accomplished much faster when partnering with an agency. These are results every business desires in their online marketing efforts.

If you’re ready to transform your outcomes to grow revenue, boost repeat business, build brand awareness, and increase exposure, a marketing agency can get you there!


Although you can leverage DIY digital marketing strategies that can create real outcomes for your business, a marketing agency will shorten your learning curve and help you produce results faster.

Reach out to us here for a free consultation to discover how an agency can catapult your success online.

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