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Can't Get Your Team on Board with Social Media? Try this.

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Fri, Jun 30, 2017 @ 10:41 AM

Your marketing consultant has likely suggested that your team should “like” and “share” all your business’s blogs and posts on social media. (Let’s all take a moment to chuckle at that one…)

Although this seems like a successful strategy in theory – Your team likes and shares your content. Their followers like and share your content, and your reach quadruples. - it doesn’t quite work in practice.

Here’s why your constant pleading doesn’t work and how you can develop a strategy that does work to engage your team with your business's social media campaigns.


Why No One is Sharing Your Business Posts

Some team members may not be active on social media. Others may be very active, but unwilling to share work related content in fear of “spamming” their friends and followers. 

Many marketing consultants will offer the following three strategies:

  1. “Make it mandatory for them to share your content!” – This strategy works (possibly the best out of any of these three strategies) but eventually dwindles down once people stop fearing being reprimanded or until they find a rock-solid excuse for being unable to complete the task.
  2. “Send out reminders!” – This is probably one of the least affective strategies… people tend to ignore things once they see them too many times. Especially when they don’t understand the benefit.
  3. “Offer an incentive!” – This strategy works until the novelty of winning wears off. You can try it, but I give you about a month of engagement… maybe 2 if you have a particularly ambitious team.

So how do you get your team on board with social media marketing?

Let’s take a step back and think about a few things. Social media is about building connections. Building connections is all about understanding one another and maintaining mutually beneficial exchanges that fulfill basic human needs. (I’m getting somewhere with this. I promise. Just hang in there.)

What are those basic human needs that need fulfilled?


If we take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, (in order of most basic needs at the bottom) we can see that there are 5 basic levels of needs that every person has in common:

  1. Self-actualization – Reaching one’s full potential (Thinking, learning, decision making, etc.)
  2. Esteem – Need to feel valued and respected by others (Happiness, accepting self, pride, etc.)
  3. Love/belonging – Being a part of something (Professional organizations, sports teams, clubs, co-workers. Etc.)
  4. Safety – Need to feel stable (Environment, job security, financial security, etc.)
  5. Physiological - Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. (Food, water, air, body, etc.)

Okay, now that we understand those needs, let’s go back to having a mutually beneficial exchange to fulfill those needs.

What do we need?

We need our team to like, share, and engage with our content on a regular basis.

What are we offering?

A blog about how a service offering will help our clients boost revenue by 15%.

Will my team naturally engage with this?

Probably not. We haven’t given them anything. If all we post are blogs that are beneficial to our clients, we will never get our team engaged.


So on to the bread and butter: How can I get my team engaged on social media?

The key is to post about your team and fulfill their needs! Yes, it really is that simple.


  • If someone passed a test, congratulate them publicly on social media! Co-workers will like and engage with this post and this will provide the employee with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of respect, a sense of love, a sense of belonging and so much more.
  • If someone is doing something good inside of the community, feature that! This has the same effect as the previous strategy.
  • If you are getting a much-needed office remodel, and purchasing new ergonomic computer chairs and equipment, post about that. Tap into that hygiene factor.
  • If your company won an award, give credit where credit is due. If your employees feel like they are a part of the business’s success, they will begin to engage with content and understand the benefit of doing so.

You’re probably wondering how this can help employees like and share company blogs and content.

It is possible that some still will not engage with blogs, and that is okay! What you are doing here is building a sense of tangibility with your audience. By featuring your employees, you are tapping into their friend and fan base… which was really the ultimate goal anyway, right?

Instead of being “spammy” and unnatural, having your employee share blog after blog without any real voice behind it, you are telling employees’ families and followers that you appreciate someone that they also value. And that will automatically resonate with them more than just a blog they come across in their news feed.

Final Thoughts

You will most likely still have to remind your employees and ask them to like and share content, but your efforts will be much more successful. Not only will your team be more willing to engage with company social media posts, but they will also feel more connected and important to the over-all success of your business.

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