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Four Companies Leading the Way in Social Media Marketing

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Thu, Apr 13, 2017 @ 12:32 PM

These four companies are using social media marketing to expand and improve the holistic brand experience of their product, and this is a strategy that works particularly well with young audiences.


In 2012, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, increased the price of the company's stock from $70.45 to $81.72 with a simple Facebook message that congratulated his team. The accidental combination of transparency and social media power was well received by the public; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), noted that Hastings released information that rose the stock price, without providing hard data. From that day, Netflix has released its  quarterly financial results, and other companies have followed to reap the benefits of transparency. 

In Facebook, Netflix uses geo-targeting to show relevant material for each region of the world. Netflix has also shown skill in its social media humor. It has a unique voice that is full of wit, humor, and casual language. Netflix also answers to their Facebook fans' comments on a regular basis.


Netflix leading the way in Social media marketing on facebook.jpg


In recent years, Taco Bell went from a struggling business to a social media star. It has redirected its business to provide an experience rather than just a product, and this is something that resonates with millennials. Studies show that in Twitter, people expect a company to respond within an hour, and this company responds almost immediately. 

Taco Bell demonstrates that it is human too. It interacts with its customers through channels like the #TacoEmojiEngine, and their messages to customers are always tailored and never robot-like. As part of their marketing strategy, they release new products in unexpected ways, and this keeps customers curious. For example, they used a six second Vine video to introduce their new Doritos Locos Tacos. 


tacobell leading the way in Social media marketing on twitter


As part of Spotify's marketing plan to launch in the US, it partnered with a rating site called Klout to give out 100,000 invites. Users on Klout would receive an invite only if their Klout score was high. Klout score is a direct measure of a person's influence within Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This plan guaranteed that only Klout users who were influencers on social media would get an invitation. Interest for these invitations was so high that Klout crashed due to an overload of users. Today Spotify uses Facebook to enhance their user experience, and both Facebook and Twitter allow the company to promote new artists and music.

Spotifyleading the way in Social media marketing on facebook


Go Pro released a campaign where professional athletes did stunt-work while recording their adventure with the company's small wearable camera. Then Go Pro uploaded the footage on their social media channels. Amateurs and fans were able to upload their footage as well.

In this manner, the company grew organically by allowing its fans and users to market for them. Go Pro understands the feedback cycle between adventure, social media, and their gadgets. It curates the footage received from users on Instagram through their Photo of the Day and Video of the Day contests. This is an Instagram leader you will definitely want to follow; check out GoPro's channel. 

gopro leading the way in Social media marketing on instagram


Instead of getting left behind in the world of social media, follow the lead of these four companies and apply their strategies to your own small business. Once you're ready to get started: download this free checklist for launching your next campaign!


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