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7 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business [Infographic]

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Mon, Jun 26, 2017 @ 12:34 PM

Email campaigns are an important component of a company's overall marketing strategy, but there's a big difference between engaging customers and spamming their inbox. Here are seven steps to creating an effective email marketing strategy for your business.


01. Pick a Purpose

Do you want your email campaigns to sell products or services, generate traffic or drive brand awareness? Maybe you're hoping to regularly engage loyal subscribers. Once you find your purpose, you can develop a content strategy, determine a budget, and designate a point person.    

02. Build Your Distribution List

Whether you're starting from scratch or hoping to mass add subscribers, a little incentive can go a long way. Offer a coupon, small freebie or access to a free tool upon sign up. Moreover, make it easy for customers to subscribe on your website and social channels.   

03. Create New Content

A special offer will get your foot in the door, but quality content will keep customers from unsubscribing. Keep copy short, but relevant to your goals... and your readers. Plus, show some personality! You'll want your campaign to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Need help coming up with content ideas? Check out our blog about keeping an enquiry log for content creation inspiration.

04. Find a Frequency

How often do you want emails to go out? Do you have the resources to stick to that timetable? Look into tools, services or software to automate distribution and monitor a campaign's success, then set your schedule.  

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05. Deliver the Message 

It's time to send those emails out! Don't get discouraged if your first campaign doesn't perform as planned. You'll need time (and data) to decipher what works. Just be sure to proofread your copy before hitting "schedule". 

06. A/B Test

Try different send times, greetings, salutations, templates, core copy, offers, calls to action and subject lines. Analyze open rates, click-through-rates, bounce rates, and overall conversion to determine what is working and what is not. Learn how to improve email open rates with this simple change.

07. Segment & Personalize

Use data to refine campaigns and create new ones. Take your email marketing strategy to the next level by segmenting your audience. Also, get personal. Addressing customers by name, personalizing subject lines, and targeting via browsing behavior can improve performance.

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