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Email Marketing Strategy for Law Firms: Building Trust With Clients

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 04:56 PM

As a law firm that needs to branch out to find new clients, email marketing is one of the best routes to find leads. However, with the legal profession being one of the most crowded industries, what can you do to make yourself stand out from everyone else?

If you already practice in a niche legal area, you're in good standing to make your email marketing work better. Being an in-house marketer for your law firm, it's important to find a marketing agency you can work with to make your email marketing effective in developing trust.

Putting a Face to the Firm

When you send an introductory marketing email to a possible lead, it's always a good idea to place a picture of the lawyer or legal team in the email template. Placing it in the header of the email gives a more personalized touch so the recipient knows exactly who you are and what you look like.

This goes a long way in establishing immediate trust rather than hiding behind a logo or graphics. It's a good idea to make the legal team appear approachable by anyone while still looking professional.

Providing Content the Lead Can Immediately Use

To entice a lead in an email, providing them with free advice they can immediately use is a good practice. You obviously don't want to give away too much legal advice for nothing. However, basic advice on how to prevent a legal dispute, or how to get started with a lawsuit, is one way to draw them to you for more help.

Don't hesitate to send a recurring newsletter email to your regular clients giving them useful legal advice every month. This is going to keep you in the client's memory and appreciation if they need legal help anytime soon.

Check out this free e-book for a few ideas on content creation, content  promotion, and lead generation. 

Finding the Best Times to Send Emails

The key to a good email marketing strategy is to find when the best time is to send emails to potential clients. You may have to do some A/B testing to discover when the best possible leads are most apt to read your emails.

A good approach is doing A/B testing on legal subject lines to see what most people are apt to click on. Highlighting a recent high-profile case in the media that relates to your legal expertise is a good way to attract interest.

Optimizing for Mobile

Considering most of your leads are going to look up law firms on their mobile device, it's imperative to optimize your marketing emails for mobile screens. You'll have to think in smaller terms while still making text and pictures easy to read and see.

Always check your emails for various mobile view problems like image optimization, search capability, and viewport obstruction levels.

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