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An Enquiry Log: Content Creation Inspiration for Your Organization

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Thu, Jun 15, 2017 @ 11:15 AM

If you struggle with developing ideas for your organization's blog, there is a simple solution to your content creation inspiration problem. 

This Sceniario Is Probably All Too Familiar...

You know you need to post. This is the time you've carved out to sit down and bulk-create content for your social media channels and your blog, but the ideas aren't flowing.

Time passes... but still... no content.

What do you do? 

You turn to your enquiry log for inspiration! Why an enquiry log? Because the best way to reach and engage potential clients is to document your current customers' needs, questions, concerns, and recommendations.

Then, refer to them when it's time to flesh out messages that will be relevant and impactful.

Ask yourself these questions when creating your log:

  • What do your customers need from you?
  • What do they need clarification on?
  • What are they struggling with?

Then seek to educate, entertain, or spark action with your answers. 

How to Create an Enquiry Log

It's simple to create an enquiry log, but it requires consistency. The maintenance of such a resource may be something you handle personally, or perhaps you delegate the task to your company's front line staff.

Each time a customer visits, calls, or emails, jot down a few words in each of three or more columns. Depending on the amount of time you wish to allocate to the process, and how much data will be helpful to you, consider these columns:

  • Name and identifying/contact information
  • Date/time of the call
  • What is the reason for the call/the request?
  • What underlying needs or concerns does this likely indicate the customer has? 

Download Our Free Customer Enquiry Log Template


Here are some great examples of how enquiries can inspire content:

Stephanie operates a high-end boutique real estate photography firm. Her last two log entries look like this: 

First Caller: Jane Smith


  • She has an appointment tomorrow with Stephanie's most senior staffer to photograph a unique, occupied, multi-million dollar listing.
  • She's working with her very hands-on seller on the last minute tasks needed to perfect the scene (landscaping, cleaning, staging).
  • She is very worried about the poor weather forecast. It seems like she is struggling to manage her customer's concerns about how bad weather will affect the session itself, and possibly negate all of their preparation work. 

Sample Blog Idea Inspired by First Entry

In this blog post, Stephanie will address how she, as a real estate photographer, deals with the weather, and she will also describe how severe the weather must be to merit re-scheduling.

She'll also include information about her excellent post-processing skills and her "Blue Sky Photoshopping Guarantee," because she knows her clients are hoping for photos with blue skies. The post will speak to the delicate position that the realtor finds herself in when dealing with her seller's worries. 

Second Caller: Brian Boardman

  • He would like to know if Stephanie and her staff feel that his newest listing would benefit from the aerial drone photography add-on product that she offers.
  • He gives the scheduling rep the address and asks her to google it and let him know what she thinks. 

Sample Blog Idea Inspired by Second Entry

This entry prompts Stephanie to write a marketing email. It will review the three main reasons a realtor might choose to add aerial images: customer expectations, differentiation in marketing materials, and pragmatic provision of information on MLS. It will also address rare examples when aerial photos might detract from, rather than enhance, the presentation of the home. 

Final Thoughts

Creating and maintaining customer call logs can take some time, but the applications of such record-keeping are many. Inspiration for content writing is just one benefit of this practice.

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