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7 Questions You Should be Asking Your Digital Marketing Consultant

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Fri, Jan 13, 2017 @ 09:54 AM

Marketing is the cornerstone to growing your company. The right marketing approach will produce the best results, but how do you choose the right marketing strategy? Here is a list of questions you should be asking your digital marketing consultant.

01. Does this strategy target my niche audience?

There is no sense in trying to sell a carrot to a fish. Unfortunately, this is a mistake many marketers make. Targeting your niche audience will save you untold time and will get your brand directly in front of potential customers

02. Does this approach improve the digital experience for my customers?

Targeted marketing that improves the digital experience will refine your marketing strategy and produce consistent growth for your business.

03. Is my website optimized as well as it could be?

Search engine optimization (SEO) will put your brand at the top of relevant searches, which will expand your opportunities. 

04. Is this going to help me make connections with potential customers?

There are many ways to advertise your product or service, and the most effective are inbound marketing strategies that go past the crowd and make meaningful connections. 

05. Does this strategy keep my current customers engaged?

While it is important to build new connections, it is just as important to keep your current customers engaged. The ability to connect with your customer base makes your business recognizable and helps add consistency to your brand.

06. Which platforms should I be investing the most in?

Various social media platforms offer promotional space that is fairly inexpensive and appears in relevant spaces. There are many other online platforms that sell advertisement space as well. Pinpoint which platforms your prospects use most to see the biggest return.

07. Does this marketing strategy fit my budget?

Assessing your budget is the most crucial factor to creating an effective marketing plan. The best marketing strategies have cost-effective approaches and provide the impact that you are looking for. 

Choosing the best digital marketing package depends on your business needs and desired market reach. A rewarding targeted digital marketing strategy is definitely possible on any budget with the right factors in mind.  

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