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5 Things Your Digital Marketing Consultant Should Be Preaching

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Fri, Feb 10, 2017 @ 12:39 PM

The technological era we are living in offers a myriad of digital marketing opportunities. Many companies have recognized the importance of this and have used it to their advantage in daily operations.

Despite this, so many still leave their online marketing hanging in the wind. Below is a list of things that your digital marketing consultant should be hounding you to get done.

Website Redesign Icon

1. Redesign Your Website 

If you don't have a website yet, it's time to ditch your digital marketing consultant all together. (Just kidding I'm sure he/she is great).

With that note aside, this is first and foremost on the list because every social channel, every advertisement, and every message will link back to your website in some way. Your website acts as your online marketplace, and as a hub of knowledge for prospective customers.

It is important that your website is quick to load, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly and responsive.

The main goal of any website should be first to educate, and second, to convert your visitors into paying customers. If you have noticed a lack of engagement and conversion on your current website it could be time for a website redesign.

Engage With Your Audience on Social Media Icon

2. Engage in a Social Platform

The world has become a global village with the aid of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. While all of these social channels are exciting, it is good to choose just one to focus your efforts on at first and then slowly expand.

As a good rule of thumb, for B2B marketing, start with LinkedIn, and for B2C marketing, start with either Twitter or Facebook/Instagram. (If done correctly, these two can be conquered simultaneously.)

You can post updates, give links to your website, and share helpful information with your prospects, but the most important part is to get social. Show interest in what your customers want, offer solutions, and build trust, and eventually, trusting customers will bring their friends along.

timely and educational.png

3. Create Timely and Informative Content

Create winning content such as blogs, videos, books or even podcasts to provide helpful information about your products or related topics. The key is to keep your posts relevant and informative. Be helpful to your prospects; don't be super "sales-y".

In today's online marketing world, you are fighting for the attention of your prospects. You need to make sure that when you win their attention, you make a great and lasting impression that will keep them coming for more.

4. Be Consistent

You should post your content with a strategy or schedule in mind. With time, your clients will pick up on your patterns. Potential customers will learn when to look for new posts from you, and they won't feel like you are pestering them.

Consistency also ensures that potential customers will always have something new on your social platform to consider in their search for solutions.


5. Giveaways - Don't Be Stingy!

People secretly love free things. Use this to your advantage. On your website, give offers in the form of discounts or coupons. BOGO deals are great because people are able to get more of something they were going to purchase anyway.

Keep in mind, giveaways are only a marketing strategy to get clients to know you. Once your business is on its feet, you may slowly withdraw them to maximize your profit.

Speaking of free things, we are giving away a pretty cool digital marketing guide.

You can download it here: Connect. Convert. Repeat - Free Digital Marketing Guide (Download) 

Final Recap

Make sure your website it up to par. Even physical business locations need a fresh coat of paint every now and then.

Be sure to get involved in at least one social media channel and slowly expand out. Talk to your customers online and make sure the content you are sharing is timely and informative. 

With these expert marketing strategies, you will begin to see your online presence bloom and your fan base grow.