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4 Key Questions to Kickoff Your Business's Lead Generation Strategy

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Wed, May 24, 2017 @ 02:41 PM

Not every person is a match for the goods or services that your business offers. However, the more you know about your leads, the better you can determine who is and who is not worth pursuing. Quality lead identification research is the most effective way to do this because it focuses on the following four key questions that you can use to help kickoff your business's lead generation strategy.

1. Who is the decision maker?

Is your current contact a C-level employee with purchasing power, or a summer intern simply manning the phones? Once you identify who the decision makers are, you will be much closer to closing the deal.

2. What similar product or service, if any, does the lead use?

If your lead already owns or uses a similar product or service, find out how long they've owned it, how often they use it, when they use it, and so on. Then determine how your product or service measures in comparison. 

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3. How satisfied is the lead with the products it already uses?

According to CMO by Adobe, "approximately 90% of B2B companies are likely to switch partners even with just one single bad experience". Finding out what product or service features your lead likes or dislikes will give you a distinct advantage when crafting your initial sales pitch. 

4. Is the lead financially capable of buying?

This question is arguably the most important. A lead that doesn't have the resources to buy won't become a sale, regardless of how many times you call or email. It is imperative that you do financial research prior to spending the time on a RFP. If necessary, move the lead to the warm pile, for a later date.

Understanding the mindset of a potential client significantly increases the overall effectiveness of your lead strategy. At Omni Strategic Technologies, we have the experience and the tools to help you convert more leads into sales. 

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