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3 Killer Ways to Grow Your Presence with Instagram

Posted by Katrina Stewart on Wed, Jan 25, 2017 @ 02:08 PM

With over 500 million active users, Instagram is a solid social network to help build and grow your presence online. Consumers desire to connect with your brand in multiple ways, therefore, using additional channels allows you to appeal to different audiences within your target market. Instagram is buzzing with followers who are responsive, and marketers are leveraging this visual platform to increase exposure and reach their social media marketing goals.

If you want to boost your Instagram marketing efforts to build a successful online presence, here are three tactics to move you towards this goal:

 #1 Highlight Your Products or Services


Did you know?
A whopping 60% of users say they learn about a product or service on Instagram. Hootsuite


The majority of followers have discovered more about a brand while scrolling through their newsfeed than from any other sources. Leverage this engagement by giving them something compelling to look at like showcasing your products in high-quality images.

Don't limit yourself to just showcasing products. You can also share the benefits, features, customer testimonials, and how a product or service works in separate visuals for a greater impact.

#2 Hashtags Are King on Instagram!

Using hashtags on Instagram allows others to locate you even if they’ve never heard of your brand before. It is how you increase your company’s exposure on Instagram and gain new followers. Each of your posts should include appropriate hashtags to reach your intended audience.

Did you know?

Resources like Top-Hashtags.com and Hashtagify.me show you what's trending in your niche. 

These resources also give you the highest rated hashtags and statistics on how many posts are currently using each hashtag. Finally, you can click on a hashtag to see examples of how marketers are using it.

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#3 Report Company News and Updates

Social media has always been a source to share breaking news, provide updates, and keep your market in-the-know in regards to industry changes. Instagram offers this same opportunity, but instead, by using visuals. Use Instagram to position your brand as an expert, source, and thought-leader in your niche simply by reporting trending news as it relates to your industry.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is an excellent platform to bolster brand awareness and reach your desired audience. Incorporate these techniques into your social media marketing strategy; test your results and discover which tactic resonates with your followers the best. Ramp up the tactics that work, and modify the ones that need improvement.

Good luck!


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