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3 Examples of Higher Ed Websites that Increase Enrollment Rates

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Mon, Feb 27, 2017 @ 11:30 AM

If you're looking for ways to improve your Higher Ed website’s views leading to higher enrollment rates, you've come to the right place. Below are 3 examples of great higher ed websites that increase enrollment rates.

1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Calls-to-action, chat boxes, and inspirational words; oh my!

  • Prominent CTA’s
    • Each content block has a clear call-to-action to help you navigate through the website, and if these aren't enough, there is a “Let's Chat” box in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
  • Great imagery
    • The imagery is very natural and exciting. It doesn’t look like it was pulled straight from a stock image site, yet each image is good quality and offers an engaging angle.
  • Tons of information organized in a digestible fashion
    • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the daunting task of combing 9 colleges into one website. They do it well with expressive imagery and easy-to-understand content blocks.
  • Short and concise messages
    • This University is well aware that lengthy content will be ignored. They make a point to make every word count and keep their titles and subtitles short and sweet.

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2. Southern Oregon University


Southern Oregon University spent a lot of time and effort for its website to clearly communicate the values and missions it holds high. Southern Oregon University’s simple yet welcoming message it displays on its homepage makes it a major contestant for this list along with these other important qualities.

  • Powerful welcome video and message
    • A video of the campus and surrounding community plays with a banner that simply states "You're Home" displayed below. Sometimes less really is more, and the focus on this picturesque community and being "at home" is a powerful one that will draw in potential students (and their parents).
  • SOU by the numbers
    • SOU also shows great statistics that really captures the character of this university and communicates what you could expect to experience as a student there.
  • Clear application button
    • This website is the perfect example of a great CTA. On mobile, the first thing you see is the “Apply” button, and it tops the screen on the desktop view, too.
  • Flawless Mobile Experience
    • The majority of parents and students will use their phone to check out schools online. SOU offers an informative and sleek mobile experience.

3. Bennington College

Number chart to increase conversions.png

Bennington College rounds out the list for a couple reasons. First, it has a unique design with bold, interactive images. Second, it offers a simple design, and uses CTAs at the bottom of the page to move onlookers past the homepage.

  • Vivid Imagery
    • The imagery throughout the website shows real classrooms, real professors, and real students, making the university seem more tangible and relatable.
  • Engaging video
    • Bennington College does a great job of showing the hands-on learning experience they offer through the video banner on the home page.
  • Interactive Graphics
    • Although there aren’t any CTA’s screaming at you as soon as you hit the homepage, the interactive graphics help guide the users through the website and keep them browsing for more information.


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