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2017 Corporate Website Trends That Generate the Most Leads

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Wed, Aug 16, 2017 @ 10:12 AM

It used to be that simply having a website was enough to put your business ahead of the competition. But in today's world—and with the endless possibilities of modern design—companies must keep up with digital trends just to stay relevant. Modifying your website to incorporate the latest trends is not only important but incredibly beneficial to lead generation as well.

These trends evolve in response to consumer wants and needs, meaning they are frequently changing. Keep up-to-date on the top 2017 corporate website trends by reading what's new below!

Video: The corporate website trend that's taking over

Have you considered adding video to your marketing arsenal? While using video on your website to generate leads is not effective for every website, in most cases it is. Some examples of website video use that frequently produces positive results:

  • As a page background;
  • In a blog or on a page to supplement content; and
  • Sharing relevant videos your customers would be interested in.

Technology in video today allows for sharp, attention-grabbing visuals that have great potential to attract more customers than some traditional marketing methods. 

Large, high-quality images grab attention as well

All of the content on your website serves one main purpose: to encourage your target audience to do or purchase something. When written content is supplemented with large, vibrant graphics, it is 65% more likely to be read and remembered than copy alone.

People respond well to high-quality visuals, especially the newest corporate website trends of using one large photo (or a slide show) as a page or site background. Just be sure your site's text is easy to read over your background image. 

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Putting a priority on mobile

According to a small business survey conducted by Google, users are 5x more likely to leave a site that is not mobile friendly. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to perform research and complete purchases. ALL websites can benefit from a quick loading and easy-to-use mobile site, but the following industries benefit most:

  • E-commerce,
  • Travel and hospitality,
  • Real estate, and
  • News.

TIP: Implementing Google's AMP (accelerated mobile pages) into your website improves your ranking, as search results currently favor mobile sites utilizing this technology. 

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