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15 Crucial Points of Focus for Businesses in 2018

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Wed, Jan 03, 2018 @ 10:54 AM

2017 has been the year of social media marketing. Business enthusiasts have made more sales from Facebook and Twitter than from any other business platform. Will 2018 follow the same trend? This article highlights 15 areas of focus in multi-channel marketing to help you improve your business performance this year.

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Social Media Metrics

Social media is definitely here to stay. As a business owner, you can derive valuable statistics about your business. These include:

  • Insights on potential customers
  • Their purchasing power
  • Customer geographic location impacts
  • Spending trends
  • Competition and competitors strategies

And the list is endless. If you integrate these metrics with your ROI, you should draw better conclusions and consequently, formulate a better action plan.

Struggling to create a great social plan?

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2. Growth Driven Tactics Are A Must

Also known as growth hacking, this is the plan that is put in place to grow your business and increase revenue. Add more content and throw in some exciting new things like a free giveaway. This could be anything from printable charts to ebooks.

3. Smart SEO Strategies

Traditional SEO practices are timeless. But don't stop there. Put together marketing plans that combine the traditional with the ever changing digital world. As you try to catch up with the modern SEO practices, remember that old is gold. Great informative content is always a sure bet for SEO. 

4. Proper Content Planning and Research

Set your business goal for 2018 and then draft a realistic action plan. Once you do that, put your research tools to work. Digital marketing is all about working smart. So keep the details short and precise and plan your content in advance. Your marketing team will need to focus on content that sparks viewers into acting, sharing and ultimately buying. Run of the mill content just isn't going to cut it.

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5. Revamp Your Online Presence Profile

Shady business profiles might have worked in the past but today's competition requires a smarter approach. Give your online audience a reason to buy from you and not from business X. First impressions mean a lot and that is why your business profile needs to stand out from the crowd.

6. Personalize Your Brand

A little branding goes a long way. In 2018, aim at creating a business parallel to your image. Potential customers relate more to personal brands than a general business. 

7. Blogging For Your Brand

Blogs are another digital tool that has taken over the Internet. If your business doesn't have one you should consider creating one. It helps create customer awarenessand allows you to get your marketing information out there on a more personal level. There are many ways of taking advantage of the blog world in connecting with consumers. You can interact with them and they can interact with your company as well. 

8. Chat bots - Communication Asset of 2018

One of the best ways to improve business is through excellent customer support. Chat bots are fantastic as a marketing tool for this purpose. According to Gartner, chat bots will be one of the major means of digital interactions over the next two years. When customers can easily click on a chat bot and get help right away they are more likely to interact with the company. In fact, they will use chat bots for that interaction more than social media.

9. Video Marketing

Resist from posting general ads in 2018. Instead, draft a sales-driven message and boost that with a live video. 

The success of sites like YouTube demonstrates firsthand how live streaming has taken the Internet by storm. It's now all over social media. You can't scroll through Facebook without seeing video streaming of everything from recipes to marketing ads.

Video content is going to become more crucial than ever. The statistics prove that live video streams are apt to be watched three times more than videos that have been prerecorded.

10. Minimal Spending with Organic Searches

Paid advertising is a sure way to attract potential customers faster, but the budget can seriously escalate. Organic searches take a while but once you get there, they last longer. And you don't have to spend a dime on advertising. Organic SEO should be your priority in 2018.

11. Watch Out for Return Customers

Research has proven that a happy customer has higher chances of buying again and even referring more potential customers. You don't want to lose such a gold mine, do you?

12. Email Marketing

Emails have had their successes and downfalls in the past. However, a well-targeted email marketing strategy could be your next big thing.

Check out this awesome infographic for creating an email marketing campaign for your business.>>> [INFOGRAPHIC] <<<

13. Targeted Marketing With Geofencing

Since cell phones and other mobile devices are constantly with the customer base smart companies are going to cash in on that. Geofencing technology is an excellent way to learn more about your customer base geographic locations. This, in turn, tells you where they eat, shop, and play, allowing you to target-market to their specific needs. When customers agree to allow your digital app to track their movements, you can gear promotional marketing to where they are and what they are doing when it's happening.

14. The World Of Micro-influencers

The traditional line of thought is the more followers, the better your chance of getting a response. But the data says differently. Micro-influencers are smaller audiences, think 100,000 or less. You are more likely to get a response or comment from these smaller niche groups. Micro-audiences are more peer influenced than ad-driven. Integrating marketing that takes this into consideration and meets these audiences where they are at is going to mean more business growth. The typical digital ad isn't going to do it as ad blockers abound.

15. Keep Up with New Trends

As a business person, you need to be a step ahead of any business related technology. For example, did you know that Google is set to launch their mobile-first index this year? Now you know.

2018 is going to see only growth when it comes to digital marketing. While there is still room for traditional aspects of marketing, ignoring the digital world would be a mistake. Grow your business today by getting in on the digital marketing aspect of business. 

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