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10 Signs that You Need a Digital Marketing Consultant

Posted by Geoff Skadra on Wed, Mar 22, 2017 @ 05:13 PM

Forbes magazine predicts that there are social and digital marketing trends that will impact your business. These topics include brand revolutions, artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, information overload, and on-the-go consumerism. Small to medium-sized business owners will most likely lack the time, training, and resources to deal with changing digital marketing strategies and standards. Here are 10 indicators that you need to hire a digital marketing consultant.

01. You Don't Currently Have (or Don't Have the Time to Teach Yourself) Marketing Skills

Spending too much time on areas outside of your business expertise is counterproductive. Small business owners must wear many hats, but marketing and technology are best left to the professionals. Digital marketing programs and projects will be done faster, cheaper, and significantly better through consultative experts. They will have the tools, skills, experience, and relationships to get the job done right the first time.

02. You're Suffering From Weak Brand Identification

Business owners often spend so much time working inside the business that they cannot clearly view and understand it from an outside perspective. Digital marketing consultants know exactly how to create, adjust, and solidify brand messaging for specific audiences and full-scale marketing campaigns. This process begins with identifying core values, business needs, and ideal brand images. It concludes with risk management, competitor profiling, and extensive market research.

03. A Website Redesign is Overdue

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that 77 percent of adults own a smartphone. Now, one out of every ten adults will replace their traditional home broadband service with smartphone-based Internet access. Business websites with confusing layouts, weak content, limited functionality, and non-mobile friendly websites will not attract online traffic. A consultant will know how to generate leads, drive traffic, and streamline sales funnels.

04. You Have a Ton of Ideas but No Time to Make an Implementation Plan

There is a huge difference between having a hectic week and being spread so thin it’s difficult to accomplish anything. Startups and entrepreneurs should focus on work quality and career specializations instead of task diversity and quantity. Digital marketing consultants will efficiently manage all necessary projects, research, and campaigns. This frees up the business owner to focus on business, customers, and other areas of expertise.

05. You're Seeing Vague Success Metrics

All business ventures and operations depend on accurate data and timely metrics to benchmark performance, identify ongoing issues, and improve operational efficiency. Most general business processes, such as sales, accounting, and human resources, can benefit from a professional consultation. It may only be a one-time event that highlights risk and opportunities. The best way is to consistently use a consultant to interpret industry, market, and competitor data.

06. You're A Little Technologically Challenged or Behind

Forbes magazine boldly declares that technology changes are the primary challenge that tomorrow’s business leaders will face.  Small to medium-sized business owners don’t have to personally keep ahead of technology developments. Instead, they simply need to harness the power of available tools and training. For example, Google Analytics reveals where customers are located, what they predominately buy, and how they search for products. A marketing consultant will help you navigate and understand the tools necessary to help your business perform.

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07. You Possess Limited Sales Support

Some small businesses that engage in e-commerce start out in home offices, just like the founders of Dell and Apple. These businesses will need strong sales coaching and digital marketing enhancements. For example, consultants will help their clients determine the key selling points, product benefits, and service values. They will help their clients with branding and marketing differentiation.

08. You Don't Know Who Your Target Audience Is

It’s understandable when business owners do not fully understand who their potential prospects and existing customers are, but it can be quite dangerous to make assumptions about who customers are, what they want, and how they expect the company to behave. A consultant has the resources and tools to elicit insightful feedback from customers and the public.

09. You Are Unhappy With Your Current Results

If you are currently outsourcing your marketing needs to a professional who won't talk about their process, you may need a consultant.  The best digital marketers will develop efficient processes that enable them to quickly and efficiently understand markets, products, and services. They should be eager to discuss how their processes can be customized to your specific needs. Avoid those who claim that they cannot reveal their special access and secrets tricks.

10. You Don't Understand How to Sell Value

People don’t buy products and services for the promised functions, they buy them for the value that it brings them. Televisions provide entertainment, cell phones enable communication, and expensive cars create a sense of high social standing. Value can be difficult to perceive and establish when it comes to marketing services, but consultants will know how to better target audiences, increase relevant leads, and improve online conversions.

Finally, if it’s been a while since you audited your digital marketing processes and performance, consider using a consultant to help you evolve with your industry and customer base.

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